M-65: The Numerals

M-65: The Numerals

It’s the season’s secret weapon. Famously worn by President Teddy Roosevelt, American literary icon Ernest Hemingway, one of Hip Hop’s greatest MCs Nas, top ranked actor Robert Dinero in the memorable movie Taxi, Peirce Brosnan as the iconic James Bond and Pat Morita playing our childhood guru, Mr. Miyagi –Introducing….. the M-65 jacket: a staple item for every Fall bringing in Winter and every Spring entering Summer and for all those making head way by standing up and standing out.

Naturally, designers like Ralph Lauren and Christopher Bastin have become infatuated with the inherently artistic piece and proceeded with their designed reinterpretations of the jacket. Bastin decided not to alter very much stating the age-old adage, “I think if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. He’s damn straight. With as much utility as the M-65 jacket, why would you put the extra effort when it’s effortless?

The jacket offers utility maximized with authentic aesthetic quality. With large hip pockets and two medium-sized breast pockets, the jacket can’t be better at holding all of our modern advancements like smartphones, car keys, credit cards and the like. Easily transformed into protection from rain on those dreary days, it features a hood within the lining of the collar for ease of access.

It’s the ultimate ready-to-wear piece. Optimally, the M-65 jacket can be dressed up with a crisp white button-up shirt and black skinny tie or down with jeans and a pair of the definitive Timberlands. This Fall, you’re going to want to be caught sporting the authentic piece from Top Rank and you’ll be ranked as top notch.

Fact For History Buffs: Originally introduced in the olive green shade, it was used to keep U.S. soldiers warm from the cool weather caused by monsoonal rains in Vietnam. Since then, it’s been a staple item in the U.S. military and copied by several European militaries.



Command Your Style

Command Your Style

Olive Drab M65 Country: Greece $109.00

Olive Drab M65
Country of Origin: Greece

Country of Origin: Austria Top Rank Vintage: $149.00

Country of Origin: Austria
Top Rank Vintage: $149.00

Camo M-65

Camo M-65
Country of Origin : Croatia
Price: $79




Remake by Boglioli
Price : $1,198


Christopher-Bastin Remake: $390.00

Christopher-Bastin Remake
Price $390.00



Remake by Marc Jacobs
Price : $448