• Flashback: How Camouflage Clothing Became a Fashion Trend

    Flashback: How Camouflage Clothing Became a Fashion Trend

    The history of the interconnected relationship between military camouflage and fashion is perpetual. Season after season it floods runways and fills closets, but why? Maybe because the first creators of camouflage were artists and designers. Maybe because we love the ease and functionality of tactical clothing. Or maybe we just like to feel in charge. Whatever the reason, tactical clothing has been a long been a fascination in the fashion industry. A soldier’s uniform stands for allegiance and honor. It...

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  • The Quick and Easy Guide to Men's Overcoats

    The Quick and Easy Guide to Men's Overcoats

    Fleece coats or puffy jackets may be warm and popular, but they’re not exactly the most stylish winter wardrobe staple. For the fashion-forward men out there, overcoats are what’s in. The overcoat—a heavy, lengthy, collared outerwear piece—is a classic element to a man’s wardrobe. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also add a sophisticated and flattering aspect to your aesthetic. It looks good and it feels good. The overcoat is the one piece of outerwear that...

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  • M-65: The Numerals

    M-65: The Numerals

    It’s the season’s secret weapon. Famously worn by President Teddy Roosevelt, American literary icon Ernest Hemingway, one of Hip Hop’s greatest MCs Nas, top ranked actor Robert Dinero in the memorable movie Taxi, Peirce Brosnan as the iconic James Bond and Pat Morita playing our childhood guru, Mr. Miyagi –Introducing….. the M-65 jacket: a staple item for every Fall bringing in Winter and every Spring entering Summer and for all those making head way by standing up and standing out. […]

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  • Parkas: The Laissez-Faire Layer

    Parkas: The Laissez-Faire Layer

    You don’t have to be Rick Ross to keep warm in the winter. All you need is the right parka to ward off the freezing weather. Naturally, Hip Hop culture has transformed the parka into a symbol of ease in fashion, overwhelming comfort and a laissez-faire sense of style. They were initially worn by the flight crews of the U.S. Air Force to ward off the sharp cutting winds.

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