Founder of Top Rank – Mohamed Numan

Originally from Yemen, Mohamed moved to the US  at the age of 9 were he quickly learned the financial hardships of life.  Early on he had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur in which he could have maximum control of his income.  Mohamed started his journey with a company that provided Legal Services for patrons who cannot afford outside counsel. Through his experience and mentors at prepaid legal, he gained a positive attitude towards life and the conclusion that ultimatley, we are responsible for we end up in life. Mohamed also worked in sales and investments before founding Top Rank Vintage in January 2010.
In addition to Top Rank Vintage, Mohamed currently  is aspiring to be an actor while working on a second fashion line, where one can design their style with bespoke suits and shirts without the usual hi price tag.

David Lex- Top Rank Photographer

Photographer - David Lex

Born and raised in the dusty deserts of Tucson Arizona, David Lex has had a passion for photography since he was young. He began pursuing it seriously during High School, in a photography class taught by world-class teacher Mr. Jerry Halfmann. In 2009 he competed in the Skills USA photography competition and won gold at both the state and national level. After a year at the University of Arizona, David began a 9 month photography program in Washington D.C., at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging and Arts. Once done, he plans to return to the University of Arizona to pursue a career in Journalism.