Gabardine Gray Blue Flamboyant Wool Coat
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Gabardine Gray Blue Flamboyant Wool Coat Gabardine Gray Blue Flamboyant Wool Coat Gabardine Gray Blue Flamboyant Wool Coat Gabardine Gray Blue Flamboyant Wool Coat Gabardine Gray Blue Flamboyant Wool Coat

Gabardine Gray Blue Flamboyant Wool Coat

One of the original pieces of the newly released Nu-Man Collection by Top Rank Vintage, This Swedish military overcoat had been taken from just an empty incomplete canvas, meaning it came in plain construction with no buttons, just white X’s from white fabric where the buttons go. This was our moment to not only make one design but we were inspired to create three designs so far .This particular design has been the most fashion forward ,time consuming and costly design ever at Top Rank Vintage: Triangle pocket flaps with buttons, Half belt on the back, cropped double cuff design, Piping in front of the coat and retro style arrow piping on the 6 button front evoking 18th century military design. The sleeves were also slimmed for a more fitted look


Well, in my journey to curate the most fashionable and unworn military clothing since i started TRV 5 years ago, i would run into garments , where such as this one, were unparalleled in quality and grade of construction , we got ourselves a lot of these plain incomplete coats with no buttons that we couldn't resist because of how amazing they felt and their unique color that you’re hardly going to see anywhere else...and that's when my designer instincts erupted into creating something out of nothing with these timeless pieces of quality, workmanship and history . This lot of Cold war era Swedish military gabardine wool Overcoats being some of the first to go through several designs.

The 411

Country of origin: Sweden
Era: 1960’s
100 % smooth gabardine weave wool
Burned gold metal buttons ( can be changed to silver upon request)
Half belt on the back
Triangle shaped pocket flaps
Never-before-seen double cuff design
Intricate and intensive piping on front design
over $300 of design costs per coat are involved in each design