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Who would’ve thought that they still made those! Well actually, that’s the thing, they don’t anymore! I’ve scavenged all the stores you can think of, from Tj Maxx, to Nordstrom, to see if what we have here at Top Rank, really is what it’s made out to be. The conclusion : MORE THAN A YES!

Absolutely! I get so sick and tired of seeing well designed coats , made with crap, that don’t even keep you warm. I mean seriously, it’s almost as if, the nicer the coat looks, the less warm it can keep you. I don’t know why style and quality cannot come together! It’s not like they have to make poor quality coats to keep the price down, Banana Republic has coats that are only 70% wool and they cost over $300!!

So prices are high,…a bunch of synthetics mixed with low wool content, made in China and it doesn’t keep me warm….but I’m going to pay over $300 to wear a name brand whose only visibility that it’s a name brand is the little tag that nobody will see anyways. ???? I don’t now about you but I know how to count my money. In this case, the numbers just don’t add up.

On the other hand , the numbers do add up with Top Rank but this time, it’s in your favor. So it’s less than $150, made in Europe, an authentic piece of history, only a few thousand worldwide and it keeps me warm? IT’S A NO BRAINER! Simply put, we’re not that greedy because we can sell these coats just on the quality alone, forget the sentimental value, this is a piece of history that will never be made again. Just on the quality alone we can charge over $1000 and it would still be worth it from a quality stand point, and add the fact that its European made. But we don’t do that. Now as exchange rates in Europe change and these items become rarer, prices will change , yet as of now, our top Overcoats are below $150.00 !!!!

Top Rank is the Best bargain in town bar none. I even checked this link from the UK that makes replicas of RAF and Royal Army Overcoats and they cost close to $ 1500 !!! ( You can get the real deal at Top Rank and buy your whole wardrobe with that kind of Money. I’m so glad we can offer this to you guys. You know…. It’s been a long year in the making and the journey has just begun but we’re very glad. Enjoy browsing and shopping on our website and remember to COMMAND YOUR STYLE

-Mohamed Numan