• Parkas: The Laissez-Faire Layer

    Parkas: The Laissez-Faire Layer

    You don’t have to be Rick Ross to keep warm in the winter. All you need is the right parka to ward off the freezing weather. Naturally, Hip Hop culture has transformed the parka into a symbol of ease in fashion, overwhelming comfort and a laissez-faire sense of style. They were initially worn by the flight crews of the U.S. Air Force to ward off the sharp cutting winds.

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  • Fashion Front Lines

    Fashion Front Lines

    The word royalty drips of long overly drawn gowns and an aristocratic air of nobility and grandeur. Similarly snipped from the same fabric is the overcoat — charging from the highest ranking officers in the military. From the influence of Napoleon’s army came the overcoat and topcoat, of the U.S. Navy came the peacoat-turned-blazer and […]

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  • Coco Chanel’s Eternal Warning

    Coco Chanel spoke decades ago yet her words burn brazenly today in the world of fashion – they are torches of guiding light, at the least. She was iconic, not because she was fashionable, no – she was iconic because she was eternally stylish: “Fashion changes, but style endures” and because of that we can […]

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