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Spring 2014 military trends

There is a change in the fashion industry where we are taking an existing market of military which has a high demand where some people view it has a “timeless classic” because it never goes out of style. Military has been around many years for example, some Top Rank garments have dated back to the 1950’s. Our unique company has authentic military clothing. Authentic means army approved where the U.S Army makes sure the garments are up to standards. For example, a jacket may reference authentic military patches and WWII airplane nose art. You have a chance to be a part of history!

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Top Rank Vintage is a unique brand which most retailers do not over. You may be wearing a part of history but our vision defines the future by incorporating a modern twist.

With take-charge tailoring and top-brass buttons, these looks command your attention. Command Your Style! However, you do not necessarily have to be combat ready these looks could be kept chic paired with close-fitting details and feminine cuts. We sell to BOTH men and women.  For example, to keep things lady-like you could pair a military jacket with a white lacy mini dress for the spring.



Sahara Desert Jacket

images (1).jpg military surplus ladies shirt


  • When mixing and matching, always start with the basics which are leather and denim according to stylish eve. These great classics works perfect with military where you can not go wrong.
  • Our garments are very popular where similar items have been featured in other sources where the clothing is almost identical.


Soviet Union Tank Commander

Canvas Combat Belt


Givenchy military belt
Soviet Tank Commander Canvas Combat Belt
Accessories which ensemble any outfit are a must. Try our belts which have been featured in Alpha Industries. Ladies show off your waist and look sexy.
  Shoulder Mao Bag              
Shoulder Mao Bag

Tough Shoulder back made for the cultural revolution

  •      Country of origin: China
  •      Era : 1960’s
  •      Chinese characters translates to “serve the people”.
  •      Made from recycled Tank canvas cover for the body and rifle sling for the strap
  •      tough canvas and spacious !


  • Our garments are very popular often referenced on other blog sites such as Mod cloth. For example, in the following photo is similar high-waisted navy opportunity pants to wear to work or personal. Ours is more chic and modern and looks bad-ass tucked into those leather boots. Among the everyday people celebs such as Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé Knowles are grabbing military inspired trends because the fashionista army is growing rapidly. For example army green jackets are domineering street style. It is versatile and open for a casual wardrobe.


Ladies Blue Cargo Pants



 ladies blue cargo pants