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Coco Chanel spoke decades ago yet her words burn brazenly today in the world of fashion – they are torches of guiding light, at the least. She was iconic, not because she was fashionable, no – she was iconic because she was eternally stylish: “Fashion changes, but style endures” and because of that we can easily differentiate between what is merely a passing fad and what remains fiercely stylish.

Now simply, we can call on pearls, v-neck cardigans and of course, the infamous little black dress to accomplish the task of being stylish. However, if we limit ourselves to looking at style one-dimensionally we are not being true to the virtues of Chanel herself, the mother of modern female fashion. We are not stepping outside of the box as she did and going against the waves of the fashion ignorant.

This season, as every other season for decades, one trend has become iconic by standing test of time of holding true to style’s eternality. The ones who are “in” are the ones who are walking in military gear. Having the eye to be able to incorporate pieces of beige and hunter green in your wardrobe without compromising the rising and falling trends is exactly what sensibility in the world of fashion demands.

When Balenciaga and Belstaff, among a myriad of the fashion elites, create military-inspired fashion and have been doing so for years and counting – that should be the ultimate signal that puts on alert: why am I not saluting in my damn mirror every morning? I need more cargo pants, jackets and definitely more blazers that add a kick-ass flavor to my closet every morning. So, the next time you’re strutting down the street, don’t think about it unless you have something reminiscent of the military on your back. Top Rank Vintage is your one stop shop not for just military-inspired fashion, but authentic european military issued yet never used fashionable garments that go back 50 years sometimes !


Don’t say I didn’t warn you because this trend has been trending and is here to stay. So don’t be willing to change for fashion, endure and be stylish.


-Hala Numan