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A common fashion trend for 2012 and upcoming 2013 is military vintage clothing. Many designers have created vintage styles with a modern twist. While consumers like this modern/vintage feel, they are still looking for those legitimate vintage military styles based on actual military forces. A common question is how can you tell if your vintage military clothing is really inspired by the genuine article? Some of the most commonly asked about are the trench coat, the parka, and cargo pants.

A trench coat is a very common type of coat that most of us are familiar with. The trench coat dates back to the early 1900s and was traditionally worn by European soldiers during that time. A typical trench coat during this period of time was a ten-buttoned, double-breasted long coat made with tan, khaki, beige, or black fabric. They would often have cuff straps on the sleeves, shoulder straps, and a belt. The shoulder straps were for the attachment of rank insignia. Trench coats were most commonly used as windbreakers or as a rain jacket. Today trench coats are commonly long with 6 buttons, double-breasted a belt, and they come in a wide variety of colors. The main function of today’s trench coat is to keep warm which has deviated from the trench coats original purpose. When determining the authenticity of a military vintage trench coat look for the buttons, if it is double-breasted, if it includes a belt, and the color of the coat; these will help you determine the most authenticate trench coat.

There are many types of parkas; one of the most common is the original snorkel parka, which was developed in the USA during the early 1950s for military use, mainly for flight crews stationed in extremely cold areas. This parka was made with sage green DuPont flight silk nylon as the outer material and the lining was padded with a wool blanket type material. It was given the name “snorkel parka” because the hood can be zipped up almost all the way, leaving only a small window so the wearer is able to see. Parkas are typically used in extremely cold and windy climates. Parkas today are not as extreme since they are being made for fashion and not for necessity, they tend to be made out of a thick cotton outer material and are lined commonly with faux furs, and the hood is also detachable and is generally lined with faux fur as well. Parkas today come in a wide variety of colors. When determining the authenticity of a vintage military parka look for the color, the type of lining and outer material, and the length of the parka (they should be waist length).

Cargo pants were first worn by the British military in 1938. These pants were developed because they provided storage and easy access to gear. This is a main reason why these pants are still popular today. They provide men with a way to carry their stuff, and they are loose and comfortable. Today these pants are commonly in khaki, as they were during military times, and they are also made in a variety of other colors. To determine the most authentic military vintage cargo pants look for the khaki color, the loose fit of the pants and the minimal but large pockets.

You can easily find authentic vintage military clothing if you know what you are searching for. These tips will help you determine the best vintage military coats and other military vintage clothing, so you can keep adding to your clothing collection.