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Looking good as an unusual size can be difficult in a world where all clothes seem designed for other people. In order to look your best in whatever it is you’re wearing, it’s important to follow a few basic tips. These tips can be hard to follow if you’re an unusual size, so a good tailor or alteration shop just might become your best friend.

Tall guys:

Tall men are often thinner than other men for their height. Even with an average sized waist, the extra length makes finding clothing difficult. Also, tall men often want to look bigger and avoid looking too skinny. Clothing can help with this. For tall men who are also fairly big around, a big and tall shop might be an ideal place to start. For guys who are simply tall, a big and tall shop will be no help. If you’re six foot two and 170 pounds, a big and tall shop will have things that fit well length-wise but not width-wise. And try shirts like a military style shirt with several pockets on the front to break up the silhouette.

The first step for a thin guy or tall guy (the same principles apply, being two sides of the same coin), is to get clothes that fit well. Some thin men think that looser clothing will help them look a little bigger. This is a myth, as loose fitting clothes on a tall guy are like sails on a mast. For tall men, clothes that are form-fitting will probably look the best. If you need extra bulk, dress in layers, which helps create the illusion of size. Wear pants that are a contrasting color and pattern to shirts and jackets. One color from head to toe creates the illusion of height.

Short guys:

If you’re short, and fairly thin or average build, some of the same tips for tall guys apply. Wear close-fitting clothing, as again, you’ll be lost in something too loose. It seems counter-intuitive, but loose clothing does not make you look bigger. Clothing that is too large creates images of a kid borrow his dad’s clothing, an image you want to avoid.

Clothing that is similar in color or pattern from head to foot can increase the appearance of height. Suits work particularly well for this, as they are designed to look uniform from top to bottom. Vertical stripes can also create an illusion of height. For jackets, keep the amount of pockets on the front to a minimum, as this can be crowded on a smaller frame.

Big guys:

Guys who are a bit heavier than average can often fall into the trap of trying to mask their weight with baggy clothing. This can sometimes work, but most of the time does not. Instead, choose well-fitting clothes that have a style that flatters your body type. Dressier clothing often does this well. For example, a suit can mask extra weight quite effectively, but any jacket and pants combination is able to potentially do this. Avoid horizontal stripes, as they tend to emphasize width.