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If you are looking for a heavyweight, well made, military vintage coat look no further than the U.S. Navy pea coat. This military coat provides warmth from the cold as well as being made to withstand battle on the seas, so you know that it will be a durable coat for you to use day to day. This is done by its fine stitching and sturdy wool that will be able to withstand the test of time and battle. When you put on this classic wear you will know that you are wearing a piece of history. You will feel as if you are preparing for battle with the United States Navy.


With this history and stylish wear these Navy pea coats have become an instant military vintage clothing classics that are setting a fashion trend in modern society. These coats in historical military fashion were generally used in the navy to shelter soldiers from the cold and the high sea winds. This attribute makes these coats useful in withstanding the winds and unpredictable weather that you will be experiencing on a day to day basis. These coats first appeared on the British and Dutch sailors and then in World War II these military vintage coats were used by U.S. and British sailors. So be the first to introduce these military vintage coats to your friends and family.


In the United States one of the aspects that makes the Navy pea coat unique are the Navy emblems that are on the buttons. Also the impeccable stitching on the pea coat makes these a great collector’s item and a great piece of military vintage clothing to add to your closet. Traditionally the pea coat is navy blue in color, but today they come in all sorts of colors, but the most genuine vintage military pea coats are also available in other neutral colors. There are traditionally 10 buttons that align this double breasted coat.


The soldiers used their military clothing to represent their rank and they also used this clothing to hide in the battle fields landscaping. While one of the main purposes of the heavy Navy pea coat is to shield soldiers from the cold, other areas of the U.S. military uses military clothing to blend in with their surroundings. On the battlefield the types of clothing that the military wore was literally the difference between life and death. If clothing was able to blend in with the landscape then soldiers have a better chance of being undetected by the enemy. This increased the undetected soldiers’ odds of coming out alive and winning the battle.