He said it was “Too good to be real” !!!!!

Hey folks, thanks for coming to read our most recent blog.Yes , this one here that you are reading right now as this sentence comes to an end. Lol

Ok , i’m serious now .So back in November actually, Eastern Market, the famous outdoor market in DC was accepting applications for certain kinds of businesses,  one of them happened to be vintage clothing. So we filled out the paperwork and did what we had to do. We followed up over and over and of course, no one ever got back to us in time. The process literally took two and a half months…..So today, we get a reply in the email , and you know guys, i keep it real , so when i started reading the generic rejection letter that we’ve all gotten before from jobs  with all the mumbo jumbo about “you don’t fit the guidelines in the application ” and what not, i was disheartened and pissed ! How can they say that ? It doesn’t get more vintage than this, there must be some kind of a mistake or i sent the application to the wrong department, maybe they were looking for people with hot dog stands or something. So i call the  DC Government to find out what the REAL reason is. Now what you hear next was ironically an insult and a compliment, which is why i didn’t know how to take it.

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A Coat That Can Actually Keep You Warm ??

Who would’ve thought that they still made those! Well actually, that’s the thing, they don’t anymore! I’ve scavenged all the stores you can think of, from Tj Maxx, to Nordstrom, to see if what we have here at Top Rank, really is what it’s made out to be. The conclusion : MORE THAN A YES!

Absolutely! I get so sick and tired of seeing well designed coats , made with crap, that don’t even keep you warm. I mean seriously, it’s almost as if, the nicer the coat looks, the less warm it can keep you. I don’t know why style and quality cannot come together! It’s not like they have to make poor quality coats to keep the price down, Banana Republic has coats that are only 70% wool and they cost over $300!!

So prices are high,…a bunch of synthetics mixed with low wool content, made in China and it doesn’t keep me warm….but I’m going to pay over $300 to wear a name brand whose only visibility that it’s a name brand is the little tag that nobody will see anyways. ???? I don’t now about you but I know how to count my money. In this case, the numbers just don’t add up.

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Up Up and Away!

We’ve finally launched our store and have some special deals for you this holiday season. We are happy to bring you this line of clothing and we hope to continue to bring you much more. We have been through many hardships and struggles. There are many people to thank and many that we thank for […]Read more