• Fashion Front Lines

    Fashion Front Lines

    The word royalty drips of long overly drawn gowns and an aristocratic air of nobility and grandeur. Similarly snipped from the same fabric is the overcoat — charging from the highest ranking officers in the military. From the influence of Napoleon’s army came the overcoat and topcoat, of the U.S. Navy came the peacoat-turned-blazer and […]

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  • Authentic Military Is a Timeless Classic in Fashion and Makes a Comeback for Spring 2014 Trends

    Spring 2014 military trends There is a change in the fashion industry where we are taking an existing market of military which has a high demand where some people view it has a “timeless classic” because it never goes out of style. Military has been around many years for example, some Top Rank garments have […]

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  • Coco Chanel’s Eternal Warning

    Coco Chanel spoke decades ago yet her words burn brazenly today in the world of fashion – they are torches of guiding light, at the least. She was iconic, not because she was fashionable, no – she was iconic because she was eternally stylish: “Fashion changes, but style endures” and because of that we can […]

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  • Military Clothing And Accessories

    Military clothing and accessories are a great way to spice up a wardrobe. Many people wish to beat trends. Men can often follow women’s fashion; for example see pants. Women’s jeans introduced the skinny style, and a few years later, men’s fashion followed to include skinny jeans. To see what will be in style for […]

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